Sunday, 31 December 2017

Johnny Thunders - Live in Naugatuck 22nd April 1989

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Have a great New Year, thanks for sticking with us and we`ll see you on the flip side!



Johnny Thunders - Live in Boston 1982


Well, I`ve made it to the end of the year with a JT gig every day since early October! Its been emotional, So I thought I`d share an emotional pic of Johnny to see the year out!
Happy new year folks and lets hope its a good one, without any fear!!


Sunday, 24 December 2017

Happy Xmas Everybody!!!

Christmas TV History: Top 5 Scrooge Stories

Hey Folks,
I just thought as its Xmas eve and we`re all hopefully getting ready to have an awesome day with too much to eat and drink and all that jazz, that in the spirit of the season I`d like to raise a rather full glass to all those people who are no longer except but in spirit, and to say a big heart felt thanks for all the input they have had in our lives! And for anyone out there who is finding it tough, I hope that the new year will bring you much in the way of happy times and easy living. Corners are there to be turned, and when we`re round the other side of them we`ve a whole new view ahead! Hang in there!! This blog is all about sharing, so if you get the chance to spread the love over the festive season and share some part of your festive cheer with someone then take it! We`re only here for a short time, so lets make it amazing and add some value to our world!!
A big thanks to you all for visiting and contributing to the posts. I`m a big fan of feedback and it`s always welcome here!
I wish you all the greatest Xmas ever and hope that the music on this blog will form some of the soundtrack to the good times ahead!!
My thoughts are with you!!! Happy Xmas everybody!!
Alabaster Jones!!

Johnny Thunders - Live at the Calais Palais 19th Nov 1984